Kupo Adjustable Gaffer Grip


The Alligator Clamp is a multi-use clamp which can hold small light fixtures virtually anywhere that the adjustable jaw can clamp over.

Kupo Adjustable Gaffer Grip 300.00

Terms and conditions:

  • All rentals require a caretaker or crew with applicable fees.
  • Transportation and individually packed proper meals for the production team are to be provided by the client unless agreed otherwise.
  • 1 day of rental is equivalent to 16 hours beginning at the agreed upon call time or pickup.
  • Client is liable for any damage, accidents, or loss unless caused by IM rentals crew/caretaker/s.

The Adjustable Gaffer Grip from Kupo is a quick-mount, multi-purpose steel clamp that will grab on most surfaces flat or round. The clamp has one fixed 5/8″ baby stud and one 5/8″ baby receiver with stud adapter.